CycleOps Pro Series Super Magneto Winter Training Kit

CycleOps Pro Series Super Magneto Winter Training Kit


Includes: 2 Climbing Blocks, Trainer Mat and Sweat Guard

Cycleops Pro Series
CycleOps wanted to create a series of professional level trainers that met the goals and capabilities of any serious cyclist. We also wanted to address the unique needs of the many coaches who use our trainers and PowerTap product. With the Pro Series, we have gone one step further by creating a line that is both innovative, durable and in the top end model, integrates the PowerTap technology for precise resistance control.

Like Getting Four Trainers in One
Choose a resistance curve and start riding. Tailor your workout with the SuperMagneto Pro Trainer. It offers four resistance curves: easy, road, interval and mountain. No matter how modest or ambitious your goals, this versatile trainer can help you reach them.

Easy Setting - Warm up before you ride hard.
Road Setting - Ride all day to build volume and build a sweat.
Interval Setting - Step up to a more intense workout.
Mountain Setting- Take on the trainers most challenging ride.

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Features: Pre-Assembled Use your trainer right out of the box and store it in a small space.

Unsurpassed Stability and Durability Ride on an exceptionally stable platform during even the most intense training.

Quick-Lock Cam Lever Quickly and easily install and remove your bike with a simple 90 degree turn of the handle.

Handy Single-Leg Leveling Adjustment Adjust just one leg for riding on all surfaces.

Convenient Skewer Clamp Center your bike from just one side and hold it securely. Ensure to engage secondary locking feature.

Big Wheels, Too Mount 29ers using two-position mounting bracket.

What's in the Box: Supermagneto Pro trainer 2 climbing riser blocks Training mat Sweat guard Quick release skewer Instruction manual coupon code VirtualTraining two week free trial